SureChoice Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange (SURE)

SureChoice Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange (SURE)

SureChoice Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange (SURE) is an industry pioneer focused on delivering insurance for the unique needs of coastal states due to their exposure to catastrophic storm events. Founded by a team of experienced and successful insurance industry veterans, SURE provides stability where it’s needed most.

As a reciprocal exchange, SURE is owned by policyholders. Purchasing a policy from SURE means you will be joining a group of responsible property owners who each own part of the company and have a voice in how it operates. With SURE you will have a strong, innovative and secure coverage option that is competitively priced and highly rated.

The strengths that set SURE apart

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  • SURE is a reciprocal exchange, which means it is owned by policyholders but managed and operated by an attorney-in-fact
  • When you choose SURE, you’re joining a group of responsible homeowners who each own part of the company
  • Being member-owned guarantees SURE always has your best interest at heart
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  • SURE was founded by an expert team with decades of insurance and technology experience
  • Policies are supported by SageSure’s in-house team of underwriting, customer service and claims professionals who are committed to delivering first-class customer experiences


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  • Rated A, Exceptional, by Demotech
  • Robust reinsurance program supported by several leading reinsurers reinforces SURE’s ability to pay claims even after significant disasters
  • Additional capital reserves from partners like SageSure, as well as growing surplus contributions from policyholders to bolster reserves for paying claims

How do I get insurance with SURE?


Connect with one of our friendly local agents to get a quote from SURE.


Existing Customers

What do I do if I have a claim?

Report a claim 24/7 online at  or by calling (866)-311-7243.

How can I make a payment?

Access your policy and make fast, secure payments online anytime at


To mail a payment, please send to:

SageSure Insurance Managers, LLC

PO Box 896671

Charlotte, NC 28289-6671

Your agent or broker can also accept payment over the phone or in person.