SageSure Reviews

SageSure Reviews

At SageSure we deliver smart, innovative solutions for our carriers, distribution partners and policyholders in America’s toughest markets. Our customers, and their agents, believe in what we do. We think you will too. Take a look at these SageSure reviews and see what people just like you are saying about the dependable property specialist in challenged, coastal states. We don’t just accept business in catastrophe exposed markets; we’re built for it.

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See What Sam Has to Say about SageSure


Samantha Leininger of Renee Allen Insurance values partnering with SageSure because SageSure has time to listen to its agents. Two-way communication allows for resolutions to complex property risks that work for everyone.


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Zach Rogers
North Carolina Agent

Yall’s claims people are on top of it! I have clients who have already been paid and claims closed with SageSure when some other carriers haven’t even made first contact yet.

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Devon Neely
GG Insurance Agency LP – Texas

Stephen and I had a truly lovely time. I really appreciate all of you and SageSure dedicating time, money and energy into really listening to its agents and then putting those things into actual results that we saw even while we were on the council. I don’t know a lot of carriers that do that which makes me believe you guys are in it for the long haul.

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Eric Tatro
Southeastern Alliance Underwriters – South Carolina

This is without a doubt the best thing you guys have done at SageSure. It is very easy to use. I had stopped quoting most new neighborhoods with you guys due to the time it was taking to validate each address. Now I am quoting every house with you again.

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Brian Ehlers
Brian Ehlers Farmers Agency – Texas

This was very well done. Both Karen and I enjoyed it and wanted to pass onto you. This was probably better than any of the big boys in the industry and the information presented in my opinion.

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Ruth Stroup
Ruth Stroup Insurance Agency – California

It was a rough start, but SageSure has become an irreplaceable game changer for the agency. Thank you Team SageSure for providing the service we need!

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Greg Hemming
Express Insurance and Financial Services – Florida

There are many clear reasons SageSure has quickly become one of our favorite markets, we can trust that we have common sense underwriting and strong management support at all levels of the organization. As an agent that used to write Service Insurance before they stopped direct appointments, it has been a real blessing to have SageSure bring them to market.

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Danny Day Agency
– Redding

SageSure offers a great product: $1 million liability as well as extensive optional coverages and policy credits. Between their product and platform enhancements, our agency finds their offerings to be a good fit for many of our customers.

See What Windy Has to Say about SageSure


Using the sophisticated quoting platform, Windy Jester of Tuberville Insurance can not only quickly and easily provide quotes, but she can tailor her proposals to the individual needs of her clients because of SageSure’s multicarrier approach.

See What Jonathan Has to Say about SageSure


For Jonathan Peele of Coastline Insurance, it’s all about the partnership. He recommends SageSure because he knows he can work with the management team to provide solutions for his clients.

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