California Homeowners Insurance

California Homeowners Insurance

California is one of the most beautiful states in the country. With its gorgeous weather, incredible people and endless recreation and entertainment options, it’s no wonder more people call California home than any other state.

The Golden State has it all: coastline, forests, deserts, plains, mountains and more. These diverse landscapes and climates can create obstacles when it comes to insuring a home. That doesn’t scare us. We know what it takes to protect homeowners in challenging environments. It’s what we do.


SageSure offers the following products for residents across the Golden State:

Homeowners Policy (HO-3)

Our HO-3 homeowners policy protects your home and belongings from a broad range of risks, including weather, fire, theft, vandalism and pretty much everything in between. Unless your policy explicitly excludes an event, you’re covered. The policy also provides liability coverage, so you’re protected should you, a family member or a pet accidentally injure someone or damage their property.


Homeowners Policy (HO-5)

With an HO-5 policy, we will compensate you for damages to your home and belongings, regardless of what caused that damage. A key distinction between an HO-3 and HO-5 policy is that while both policies provide broad coverage for your home’s physical structure, an HO-5 policy offers more coverage for belongings inside that structure.


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