Connect your Agency Management System and SageSure via IVANS

IVANS agency download automatically shares SageSure data with your agency management system, making policy management quicker and easier.

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What is IVANS?

IVANS is an automated service that allows SageSure to send information to your agency management system, improving your agency’s workflows and general servicing capabilities

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How does IVANS download work?

SageSure shares transactional changes made by your agency to our service provider, IVANS (ex: an endorsement made to a policy). The data is sent to your IVANS mailbox each night and made available to you the following morning via your agency management system.

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What IVANS download services are available with SageSure?

We offer policy and commission statement download.
Transactions available via IVANS policy download from SageSure include:


Canceled Policies
New business

Commission downloads are sent once a month on or around the 17th business day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any costs involved?

No! There is no additional cost to the agent.

Do I need to have an IVANS account to download?

Yes. You will need to have your IVANS Y Account # to access SageSure’s Download.

What transactions are available for download?

Renewals, reinstatements, endorsements, cancellations and new business.

Are there specific Agency Management Systems that can be used?

IVANS Transfer Manager is integrated with more than 40 agency management systems. Click here to view a list of available systems.

Do I need to do anything in my system?

Yes. Contact your agency management system vendor to make sure your system is configured correctly to receive download with SageSure. Be prepared to provide information about which carriers and lines of business you want to download.

If I am having trouble with my download, who do I call for support?

Your first level of assistance is your agency management system vendor. They will troubleshoot and determine if IVANS customer support center needs to be contacted.


When calling, you may need the following information:

IVANS Account = INCG
IVANS Mailbox = INCG.INCG001
Origination Address = BOI208ICG


If you need additional support please contact:

SageSure Policy Services: (877) 304-4785

What Makes Us Different?

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Our expertise

We don’t just accept business in challenged markets; we’re built for it. Our insurance product and technology expertise ensure we’re able to meet the needs of agents and policyholders who need it the most.

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Our products and services

Our multiple insurance product options paired with our proprietary, market-leading quoting platform means getting what you need easier and faster, saving you time and effort.

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Our commitment

Our unique multi-carrier platform ensures continuous capacity and long-term financial stability, so you can be sure with SageSure.

Have Questions?



If you’d like more assistance in determining if IVANs is right for your business, you can contact SageSure Policy Services at (877) 304-4785 or email us.