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At work and beyond, Cat Reese doesn’t shy away from a challenge

She transformed claims handling and is always up for an adventure with her boys

Charged with building a claims operation from scratch, Cat Reese accepted the role of chief claims officer at SageSure two years ago. Today, policyholders receive a seamless, market-leading claims-handling experience.

Pre-storm notifications, digital claims reporting, integrated communications, an innovative claims management platform, field virtual and hybrid inspections, digital payment options and repair networks — everything you’d expect from an insurance-first, tech-forward managing general agent specializing in catastrophe-exposed property markets. To do it, Cat built a powerhouse team taking things from zero to 60 — employees, that is.

For Cat, it all started with a temp job after college. There she discovered the satisfaction that comes from seeing a customer through the claims process, and it changed her career trajectory.

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Iceland glaicer hike

We talk about a market-leading claims process. What does that mean to you?

When a customer has a claim, it’s SageSure’s opportunity to deliver on the promise of the policy. Providing that service as a market leader means that we have streamlined, personalized and transparent processes that minimize uncertainty for our customers when their largest asset is damaged. We want the customer to see SageSure as a partner who helps them get their home back to normal as quickly as possible.

How did you discover your passion for working in insurance? 

I had no exposure to insurance before starting a temp job in claims in 2004. As multiple hurricanes were impacting Florida, I realized that I was enjoying the logistical challenges and the adrenaline of CAT response. I was also struck by the feeling that I was helping people. The better my company responded, the faster people could recover and get back to normal.

When you’re not creating a best-in-class claims approach, how do you spend your time?

I really enjoy spending time with my family. My boys and I love hiking together, and we like going to soccer and minor league hockey games. When I’m not hanging out with my boys, I decompress by going for long bike rides and listening to my favorite podcasts.

Rumor is, you speak Arabic. How did you decide to study that language? Was it difficult to learn? 

I went to the Georgetown School of Foreign Service, which requires proficiency in a foreign language to graduate. I knew I wanted to specialize in security, so I decided to take Arabic. I was able to use my language skills to intern at the State Department for my final year of college before I discovered how much I enjoyed insurance. 

Do you have a bucket list? What’s one thing on it you’d like to do?

I love traveling and having adventures. I’d love to get to New Zealand and spend time hiking the trails there.

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