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Hear from some of our summer 2023 interns


SageSure is one of the largest managing general underwriters in the United States, and we’re pioneering ways for people to protect their American Dream. We deliver reliable coverage, exceptional customer experiences and strong underwriting results in challenging insurance markets across 14 states.

Delivering these excellent solutions is made possible by our ever-growing team of innovative problem solvers. Because of this, we have made it our mission to recruit and retain upcoming diverse talent from colleges and universities across the United States.

Our internship program allows college students to apply their skills to an environment that crafts them into seasoned professionals while expanding our company goals. Hear what some of this year’s Rising Pioneers say about what sets SageSure apart from the competition.

Arunav Mallik

Arunav Mallik, Financial Modeling and Carrier Ops

Arunav is entering his second year at the New York University Tandon School of Engineering, seeking his master’s degree in financial engineering. Arunav currently interns in Carrier Operations, where he focuses on financial modeling.

When discussing what his internship at SageSure has meant to him, Arunav described SageSure as a professional working atmosphere where he is surrounded by knowledgeable individuals at the forefront of the industry.

Arunav says that SageSure is an invaluable internship experience, and it was the premier experience to excel in development and learning. “While books, websites and presentations can only offer limited understanding, it is in environments like SageSure where I have been able to truly internalize and apply my learning to real-life scenarios,” Arunav said.

Choosing SageSure was an easy decision for Arunav, noting that the insurance industry has been relatively static, but that SageSure was a leader of change because we do business differently. “If I wanted to be at the forefront of the insurance industry, I knew I needed to be at SageSure,” said Arunav.

Pooja Anand

Pooja Anand, Catastrophe Risk R&D

Pooja is a graduate student at Columbia University. She currently serves as an intern in our Innovation department and focuses her time on catastrophe risk research and development.

Pooja says the biggest benefit of her internship has been mentorship. She finds her team’s work to be full of expertise and feels that knowledge is poured into her. She describes her internship as a transformative journey.

Pooja also felt like this internship solidified her desire to work at SageSure after graduation. She says, “This experience has enhanced my communication and teamwork skills. It has taught me to make sure that we all work toward the same common goals.”

If you were to ask her about the best part of SageSure, though, she would say “it is the people.” Pooja said, “the collaborative and supportive culture, as well as the technology and inclusivity, is definitely what sets SageSure apart.”

Joseph Bowman

Joseph Bowman, Content Marketing

Joseph is a rising senior at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, where he is completing a bachelor’s degree in integrated marketing and communications. He works in the Marketing department, executing strategies on the content marketing team.

Joseph’s internship experience has not only allowed him to hone his skills in communication, marketing strategies, multimedia design and brand management, but it also has provided the opportunity for him to work cross-functionally with other teams like the digital marketing team, the social media team, and the customer experience (CX) team.

Joseph feels this experience has expanded his skillset, while also improving his development as a professional. “Everyone at SageSure wants you to be great,” he said. “Not only for the business, but for your own development.”

Joseph also feels he is treated exceptionally well as an employee at SageSure, even as an intern, and praises the culture that we have developed. “SageSure creates an environment where all employees, including interns, can thrive,” he said. “We can thrive because of the way we are treated and the tools we are given to succeed.”

Deep Patel

Deep Patel, People Team and Intern Liaison

Deep is entering his second year as a master’s student at Columbia University this fall. He serves as the intern for the people team and serves as a liaison for this summer’s internship cohort. He feels the duality of his position has allowed him to utilize his leadership skills with fellow interns.

Despite SageSure being a fast-growing company, Deep still feels his work is important and impactful. He says that a big part of the internship for him has been the ability to take ownership of multiple projects.

He also reiterates the sentiment of being treated the same as full-time employees, and raves about enjoying the same benefits, even as an intern. He believes that this treatment and respect speak to the community and culture at SageSure.

Expanding on the company culture, Deep says it has been a fulfilling experience to work somewhere like SageSure, which values a positive work environment. “Optimism has always been a big part of my character and personality,” says Deep, “It’s good to be able to align that with the company I work for.”

Divas Cruz

Divas Cruz, Financial Planning and Analysis

Divas is an undergraduate finance student at Bryant University, and he is currently interning in the Corporate Strategy department with a focus on financial planning and analysis. He enjoys the social, lively environment working with the FP&A team at SageSure.

“SageSure is a company that highly emphasizes employee interaction,” Divas said. “We actually talk and communicate with each other often.” Not only has Divas been exposed to business communications through his internship, but he also appreciates the social opportunities to build community with other interns in his home office of Jersey City.

Divas’s time with SageSure has also taught him about problem solving. He states, “SageSure taught me to attack issues head-on while also being able to rationalize these issues in order to look at the larger picture and how it affects all other facets of my work.”

Divas also has a compelling argument for those asking themselves Why work at SageSure? “I chose SageSure because of the company’s goal of helping people in coastal areas,” said Divas. “We’re able to effectively handle the issues in those markets.”

Ankit Mohanty

Ankit Mohanty, Software and QA Testing

Ankit is a rising junior bachelor’s student at Rutgers University and works in the Software department, performing QA testing. He highlights the culture and community in the workplace at SageSure as one of the strongest facets of the company.

“My teammates and other coworkers in the office who aren’t part of my team have been very welcoming,” said Ankit. “Everyone is willing to help get you to where you need to be. I love the sense of community here at SageSure.”

This is also one of the reasons Ankit sees himself working at SageSure post-graduation, highlighting the community and sense of belonging as an important part of the working environment for him. He sees the way people feel treated at SageSure as an exemplary model for a flourishing work community.

Ankit also knows he is gaining practical expertise in his time with SageSure. “It’s important in software to try to understand, dissect and then eventually solve the problem, and I know SageSure is helping me to continue to develop these skills,” said Ankit.

Finally, Ankit praises the knowledgeable and impactful workforce at SageSure. “The people at SageSure know they’re making a difference and they know what they want to do,” said Ankit. “I’m not sure many other companies can say the same.”

These are just some of the 16 interns in the 2023 class of Rising Pioneers. If you’re interested in an internship, be sure to follow us and stay up to date on our LinkedIn page for more information on next year’s openings.