Connecticut Homeowners Insurance

Connecticut Homeowners Insurance

Connecticut’s long and rich history is evident in the houses that line its storied streets. You’ll find colonials, Cape Cods, Tudors, federal houses, Gothic Revivals and a number of other unique architectural styles that have become New England icons.

Each of these styles has a distinct history and personality. But regardless of what type of house you call home, we can help you protect it for generations to come.


SageSure offers the following products for residents across the Nutmeg State:

Homeowners Policy (HO-3)

Our HO-3 homeowners policy protects your home and belongings from a broad range of risks, including weather, fire, theft, vandalism and pretty much everything in between. Unless your policy explicitly excludes an event, you’re covered. The policy also provides liability coverage, so you’re protected should you, a family member or a pet accidentally injure someone or damage their property.

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