Making home maintenance easy for policyholders

Enhancements to provide property care tips and resources

In the insurance industry, we know that protecting a home from damage and loss with home care and maintenance is equally important to having the right homeowners insurance coverage. But not every policyholder understands the connection between regular maintenance and loss mitigation.

We are constantly innovating and looking for ways to help homeowners protect their most valuable asset, including education and offerings that empower the homeowner to take an active role in property maintenance.

Last year, we launched our LeakBot program in select states, offering homeowners smart water detection devices to identify water problems before they cause damage. Now, we’re evolving the policyholder experience on with enhancements that integrate home maintenance care with policy renewals and provide actionable steps for homeowners.

In the coming months, a pilot group of policyholders will begin to see new content under the “Property” tab on The pilot will have a few phases. Initially, homeowners will have access to tips and articles, interactive checklists and resources for finding home maintenance service providers. In later phases, homeowners will receive communication about action items necessary as a result of renewal inspections, service provider integrations, targeted maintenance tips based on seasonality and geographic location, and interface opportunities for loss mitigation devices.

This program is still in its infancy, but we’re excited about the prospect of empowering the homeowner to become proactive and participate in protecting their home from damage and loss.