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Do you know what resources are available to help grow your business?

Agent Education team provides tools to help you succeed

Our Agent Education team works to create learning tools for our partners, including live and on-demand webinars. These are posted in the Learning Spot on the Resources page of SageSure’s Agent Portal, and are specifically designed to help you succeed with SageSure. With topics to engage you from product basics and new offerings to inflation and inspections, by the end of this year, producer partners will have had access to over 60 webinars.

We offer two types of webinars with live Q&A:

  • Product webinars – Averaging 30 minutes, these webinars focus on understanding coverages and eligibility for a product or group of products in a specific state.
  • Topical webinars – Last 30 to 45 minutes depending on complexity and cover a range of best practices in subjects like managing policies, roof risks, and the claims experience.

So far this year, 3,525 producers participated in our webinars. For information on upcoming webinars, reach out to your territory sales manager. Webinar announcements are also sent via email, approximately one week before a webinar. A follow-up reminder email goes out the day before the webinar.

Our four most popular recent webinars include:

Agent Portal updates

Our Learning Spot and Resources section in the Agent Portal house the information and tools that can help you understand SageSure products and enhancements. You can find SageBits, short five-minute microlearning videos to help with post-bind policy management and quick tips and guides with the extra “need-to-knows” to be a successful SageSure producer. We’ve also recently added SageSure Elements for Success to the Learning Spot. These one-page resources provide tips on things like pending cancellations, policy management and inspections. Step-by-step recorded demonstrations provide general knowledge about quoting specific types of policies like homeowners, dwelling fire or BOP and can be found in the SageBits Video section of the Learning Spot.

All of our Learning tools, along with our underwriting reference library of 100+ Quick Reference Guides and 80+ Eligibility Overviews, are designed and maintained by our three-person Agent Education team. Together, they have more than 20 years of experience in corporate learning and development for a Fortune 500 company, 18 years of insurance experience and a licensed agent in three coastal states.

Here’s what our producer partners are saying about recent webinars:

“Great webinar. Looking forward to one on roofs! These are top-notch trainings, appreciate you all doing these.”

“I appreciate you guys. The new streamlined webinars have been helpful.”

“Great webinar with great information.”

“I really enjoyed this webinar. I believe it was extremely beneficial and very well put together. Everyone was very well-spoken and knowledgeable. Thank you for your time. Job well done.”

Our Agent Education team is here to make your job easier. If you’re looking for answers, support or direction, chances are we have a resource to help you. We’ll have new and exciting topics in 2023, and if you have an idea for a new webinar or resource, submit it to us at learning@sagesure.com.