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SageSure products backed by one of nation’s best carriers

SageSure is proud to call IAT Insurance Group our partner in helping protect homeowners’ most valuable assets.

At SageSure, we believe we’re doing business differently. One of the ways we distinguish ourselves from other insurance products is that we partner with many highly rated carriers to help ensure the right solution to meet the varied needs of the market. Traditional insurance carriers usually only provide a single product option. Our business model allows us to offer several. We deliver exclusive products from carriers rated by A.M. Best or Demotech.

Our carrier partner, IAT Insurance Group, received recognition as one of the nation’s Super Regional Property/Casualty Insurers. This distinction showcases an individual company writing multiple lines of insurance in several states. A detailed list of qualifications for this award can be found here. This means our product line is backed by one of the nation’s best carriers.

As an agent, you know firsthand the difficulty homeowners in catastrophe-prone areas face. When hurricanes, coastal floods and forest fires are commonplace, securing coverage to protect a home can be difficult. In some locations, the options are limited. You may even have experienced a time when an insurance carrier notified you they would no longer be providing coverage to a certain area due to risk management concerns. This often happens when a provider does not have multiple carriers to balance risk.

At SageSure, we envisioned a better option. It has been our mission to be your preferred property insurance provider in coastal states. We are not a traditional carrier. We combined the benefits brought by the carrier, the underwriter and the distribution partners bring into one platform. The result is a revolutionary approach to providing insurance in challenged markets.

Our multi-carrier model means you have choices when providing solutions to policyholders. Our unique industry approach means a balanced portfolio – and that means stability.

This unique approach, coupled with nationally recognized partners, means you, our agents and our policyholders, receive insurance coverage – which translates into quality products and peace of mind – that you won’t find anywhere else.