Paperless initiative continues to plant trees

Despite less-than-ideal weather conditions, SageSure producer partners and associates joined forces with The Alliance for Cape Fear in Wilmington, North Carolina, on March 12 and distributed nearly 1,700 trees to help families continue to rebuild after the devastation from Hurricane Florence.

It’s all part of a partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation Community Tree Recovery Program to encourage SageSure policyholders to enroll in paperless. For each policyholder who takes the time to shift to electronic delivery of their documents, SageSure donates a dollar to support the Arbor Day Community Tree Recovery Program’s efforts to plant and replace trees in disaster-stricken communities.

Contributions from paperless enrollments provided mature trees in 3- and 5-gallon containers for members of the community free of charge. A similar event was held in October in Onalaska, Texas.

Since September 2020, more than 102,900 SageSure policyholders have gone paperless. In March of 2021, we teamed up with the Arbor Day Foundation. The result over 40 years: more than 2,400 trees distributed in two communities preventing 3.5 million gallons of stormwater runoff, 3 million metric tons of net carbon dioxide sequestered and 8.5 metric tons of air pollutants removed. Small steps over time can have a big impact.

SageSure Paperless Infographic

“With an increasing number of companies that become involved with community efforts such as preservation, protection and planting trees, the associated expanded vocal and written support they bring will lead to its adoption as part of accepted community culture,” said Constance Parker, President, The Alliance for Cape Fear Trees. “Needed municipal and county increases in budget for maintenance, administrative support and space will follow.”

SageSure policyholders can still have an impact. Enrolling in the paperless option will support continued tree replacement efforts. Teams are currently working to determine the location of the next tree distribution event. If you’re a SageSure policyholder, be sure to log in to and enroll.