Girl holding trick or treat bucket

Halloween Festivities Without Added Fright

Called the scariest day of the year, Halloween might even be a little creepier in 2020. Attempts to cause fright with costumes, décor and music coupled with increased incidences of home theft and vandalism in the height of a global pandemic make Halloween even more spooky.
But don’t give up on commemorating the day. Tradition is a valuable part of culture and a way of marking time. Among other things, rituals contribute to a sense of comfort and belonging – which we all need more than ever.

Before you dress up and head out the door to join the festivities, consider a few risks and some alternative ways to keep you and all the ghosts and goblins safe this year.

Haunts of Halloween

Traditional trick-or-treat poses insurance risks you may not have considered. There are the property liability concerns with having neighbors and friends crawling your walkway for candy: poorly lit walkways, cracks and uneven ridges in sidewalks, extension cord trip hazards, low hanging branches and fall planters impeding porch stairs. And when you aren’t worried about keeping guests safe on your property, you might find yourself wondering if your property could be a target for crime – theft or vandalism – which is shown to be at an all-time high on Halloween. CNBC reports home claims are 17 percent higher for burglary, property damage and other crimes on Halloween.1 Of course this year, concerns about contracting or spreading the Coronavirus are also very real.

Here are three alternatives that might add to the safe, fun celebration of an American tradition – Halloween.

Satisfy your sweet tooth

If the thought of Halloween without candy seems absurd, don’t worry—there are plenty of ways to indulge in your choice loot without going door-to-door. Consider a family piñata filled with all your favorites. Making the piñata instead of purchasing a store-bought one is another great way to come together and celebrate. If you’re worried about having a family-size bag of your favorite candy around and being the one to eat it all, maybe some homemade cookies are a better option to satisfy your sugar craving. You could make and decorate cutouts, or if you like all things pumpkin, find the perfectly spiced recipe and start mixing.

Don’t ditch the disguise

Costumes are synonymous with Halloween. If you started thinking about ways to incorporate a face mask into your costume months ago, there are ways to show off your ensemble without a large party or traditional trick-or-treat. Organize an outdoor, socially distanced costume parade in your neighborhood. Kids and adults can participate in the festivities and enjoy seeing the clever creations and spot-on look-alikes. If your residence isn’t conducive to a parade, find a costume contest to enter. Assemble the perfect disguise, snap a picture, upload and you could hold the title “scariest” or “most authentic.” Plenty of folks will be participating in virtual parties this year too. Join the fun if you get invited or host your own.

Embrace your family at home

Instead of costumes and oodles of candy, consider celebrating Halloween without leaving your home. Carve pumpkins, roast the seeds and then start a spooky movie marathon and enjoy your tasty, wholesome snack. If you have young kids, consider buying their favorite candy or a special treat or toy, hide it in the house, turn off all the lights, turn up the spooky music and give them a flashlight to go hunting for it.

Halloween is the perfect holiday to put your creativity to use – and 2020 is a great year to crank it up and get even more innovative and find unique ways to celebrate. Perhaps you’ll be celebrating Halloween with a traditional trick-or-treat, if that’s the case, follow these tips for a safe Halloween. Keep it fun, keep it safe, keep it Halloween without all the unnecessary fright.