child planting and caring for a tree

Bring life back to disaster-stricken communities one paperless enrollment at a time

When natural disasters strike, images of devastated communities flood the news. As soon as it’s safe to do so, relief organizations and volunteers descend on the scene and begin the cleanup work. Over time, and with insurance, homeowners can restore their homes and property. Neighborhoods are rebuilt, and life continues.

Often, however, there is one thing that remains missing: trees.

Homeowners insurance covers the cost to rebuild houses and replace personal property, but years after natural disasters, like hurricanes and wildfires, the lack of a tree canopy is a reminder of the devastation that once ravaged the area.

Thanks to the Arbor Day Foundation Community Tree Recovery Program, homeowners coping with loss from a natural disaster can receive new trees at no expense. Using tree distributions and planting events in communities and neighborhoods affected by wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters, the Arbor Day Foundation is helping areas rebuild.

Between now and December 31, 2021, SageSure will donate $1 to the Community Tree Recovery Program for every customer who signs up for paperless billing. Over 300,000 SageSure policyholders are still receiving paper bills – equating to a significant donation opportunity to directly impact the lives of families in disaster-prone states.

“I can’t think of a better organization to partner with—it’s truly a win-win,” said Tammy Nelson, Chief Marketing Officer at SageSure. “Teaming up with The Arbor Day Foundation Community Tree Recovery Program allows us to contribute to the restoration of families and communities in important ways that go beyond the scope of our products.”

Since its inception in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina, the Community Tree Recovery Program has distributed more than 5 million trees of over 100 species at more than 1,100 events across 29 states and 7 international countries, including Haiti, Dominican Republic, Burundi, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Thailand and Ethiopia.

Aside from bringing life back to disaster-stricken communities, trees impact the environment long-term. Trees prevent stormwater runoff, decrease carbon dioxide, reduce air pollution and increase electric, energy and fuel savings.

“These trees will provide healing for these communities impacted by natural disasters,” said Dan Lambe, President of the Arbor Day Foundation. “Future generations will continue to enjoy pleasant urban spaces thanks to these new trees.”

“Beyond contributing to a great cause, enrolling in our paperless option gives policyholders a seamless way to manage their policy documents and payments,” said Nelson. “Policyholders receive their bills as soon as they are available without waiting on the mail, and they don’t have to sort through the endless paperwork to find a document. It really is the faster, easier and greener way to manage your policy.”

If you are a SageSure policyholder, you can support this effort and enroll in paperless billing by visiting