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Inflation continues to impact insurance

Use these resources to educate and inform policyholders

Inflation in the building labor and materials sector continues to impact policyholder premium renewal costs. With these costs in the marketplace remaining elevated, we have developed additional resources to help policyholders understand and navigate this period of heightened inflation and the impacts beyond everyday living expenses. was launched in the fall of 2021. It’s already undergone a facelift and is regularly updated with information. In addition to third-party data, we’ve included easy-to-understand articles explaining what’s happening in the market to help policyholders understand why their premium is increasing.

Insurance and inflation: Your questions answered provides a list of common questions and answers on the topic. Insurance and inflation: Looking at the dollars and cents gives a real-world scenario of possible out-of-pocket expenses for a homeowner if inflation goes unaddressed by their insurer. Insurance rates are going up — here’s why looks at how rising insurance rates and inflation factors affect policyholder premiums. You can also check our social feeds on LinkedIn and Facebook where we are posting inflation content regularly that you can easily share on your agency pages.

When policyholders want to know more, this is a resource you can share with them. If you’re getting questions from policyholders that you struggle to answer, let your territory sales manager know. This feedback will help us continue to create content for our shared customers.