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Coastal states are home to unique risks and challenges that don’t arise in other places. Many carriers aren’t prepared to handle the needs of customers in these markets. But SageSure is different. We’re here for the long haul because we specialize in serving underserved areas.

Be Sure with SageSure

In our e-book, we spell out the ways we make it easier to serve homeowners with limited options. Read the individual chapters using the links below.


SageSure’s Unique Approach to Residential Property Insurance

SageSure is boldly (and confidently) going where no one (or very few) has gone before. It’s a journey filled with challenges and opportunities, where we are continually confronted by hurricanes, coastal floods, forest fires and other acts of nature.

For us, it is a mission to which we are truly committed: to provide high-quality, cost-competitive property insurance when and where it’s needed. And where we see one of the biggest needs is in the country’s most challenging markets. Often referred to as “catastrophe-prone areas,” we actually see them as underserved areas.

As an agent, you know firsthand how homeowners in these areas often have difficulty securing coverage for their investment or must choose from limited options. At some point in your career you probably have received a letter or email alerting you to the fact that an insurance carrier was closing a ZIP code due to risk management concerns.

A better, long-term solution was needed…and SageSure delivered.

Our commitment to our mission has made SageSure your preferred independent residential property insurance provider. Notice we didn’t say “carrier.” That’s because our approach is not that of a traditional carrier. We combine the benefits that the carrier, the underwriter and the distribution partners bring into one powerhouse … and the result is our modern approach to providing coverage in these challenged markets.

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Working with SageSure means you have a partner you can always count on. We’re committed to giving you more: more options, more stability and more opportunity for success.

Terrence McLean
Chief Executive Officer

Working with SageSure can be beneficial for you and your customers for three simple reasons.

  1. Options with ease

    Unlike traditional insurance carriers that usually only offer the same single product option, SageSure partners with many highly rated carriers to help ensure the right solution to meet the varied needs of the market. This business model allows us to deliver exclusive products from carriers rated by A.M. Best or Demotech. Traditional carriers are rated by one or the other, but SageSure delivers both options to you…and on a single platform.

    Why it matters: A partnership with SageSure means that you are more likely to access and deliver the best product to meet your customer’s needs, all with the ease of a single platform.

  2. Stability

    SageSure’s multi-carrier platform ensures a balanced, even spread of risk that prevents volatile product and pricing changes in reaction to market conditions. And while price and product stability are incredibly important measures of dependability, even more important is the promise of financial stability. An even spread of risk and lower capital costs factor into financial stability.

    Why it matters: You enjoy price, product and financial stability as a result of our diverse, balanced and even spread of risk across highly rated carrier partners and different markets.

  3. Capacity

    It comes down to being there for policyholders and agents, no matter what the future brings. SageSure promises “continuous capacity,” which means that agents can expect continuous access to our homeowners insurance products. We are committed to ensuring our producers always have a highly rated option to offer.

    Why it matters: You have peace of mind, knowing we can deliver the products and capacity your market needs, when it’s needed.

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A Commitment to Being There When Needed Most

As an insurance expert, your customers look to you for advice and guidance on protecting the things that matter most. So when they come to you for help, you want to be sure you’re providing them with the right coverage at the right price — and this means you need a variety of dependable products from dependable carriers at your fingertips.

At SageSure, we’re dedicated to bringing you those options so you can be confident in meeting your customers’ needs. And our commitment doesn’t stop there. We promise to be there, day after day, storm after storm, delivering the most quality products at the best price — never denying you the capacity you depend on.

As an agent servicing challenging markets, you have an important job. It’s not about “low risk” or “high risk.” It’s about providing something essential, something people need in order to have peace of mind even during trying times. It’s about working closely with individuals and families to protect their priceless, personal American Dream.

When you choose SageSure, you can be sure of many things.

You can be sure that we understand:

  • Your business is your reputation.
  • You require confidence that the coverage you are providing will be there for your customers.
  • You need strong options offering comprehensive coverage and stability in coastal states.
  • You need a dependable partner focused on meeting the needs of you and your customers.

With our modern approach to serving America’s most challenging markets, SageSure is able to deliver the confidence, stability and coverage you need. You can Be Sure with SageSure.

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Over 90% of agent calls to SageSure are answered within 20 seconds

Your Partner on the Path to Success

We believe that when you understand our commitment and philosophy, you realize the value that a partnership with SageSure brings to you, your business and your customers.

And the value of our relationship increases over time, as other companies restrict capacity after storms or remove themselves from markets entirely. We take our commitment to you very seriously. Being there for you and your customers is the foundation on which SageSure is built; it’s the reason we do what we do.

Remember that SageSure brings you:

  • Uninterrupted access to highly competitive, highly rated residential and commercial business owners insurance products.
  • A committed partner who understands your market and brings you the options you need most.
  • The service and support you need to maintain and grow your business.
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The team at SageSure always takes the time to listen to and understand my feedback, which is what makes our relationship with them truly feel like a partnership. They are consistently evolving their products to maintain a competitive edge. A competitive product is always welcomed, but when it’s coupled with a remarkable team, the results are phenomenal.

Rick Rogers
TWFG Insurance Services

Your Partner On the Path to Success

When SageSure was founded in 2005 in a hardening market after a very busy 2004 hurricane season, we knew there was an opportunity to make a difference.

We asked ourselves two important questions:

What unique challenges are agents facing today?

How do we structure our business to deliver the best solution to those challenges?

The answer to the first question was that agents need consistent access to competitive products in challenging markets. The answer to the second question was to partner with established, highly rated insurance companies to build our powerful multi-carrier platform.

While we are very similar to a managing general underwriter, most managing general underwriters simply deliver insurance products designed and backed by a carrier — and SageSure is different. We design, develop and file the products we underwrite, which is the reason we can quickly and successfully meet the unique needs of the markets we serve.

Our Carriers “Make the Grade”

The reputation and financial health of our trusted carrier partners is important to us, and it’s the reason we work only with insurance carriers that have high Financial Stability Ratings® from either A.M. Best or Demotech. Both of these rating agencies are reputable, so a high rating from either is impressive; they’re just held to slightly different standards when it comes to financial reserves.

By partnering with several highly rated carriers to carry the risk on our products, we’re able to ensure a balanced, even spread of risk, ongoing capacity and financial stability. This approach is what allows us to remain committed to our mission and provide the dependable, long-term support our agents and customers need.

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AM Best / Demotech, Inc

Continuous Capacity

Simply stated, our promise of “continuous capacity” is the commitment that we will be there when you need us the most.

How can we confidently make this promise to you?

  • Because of our relationships with our many trusted carrier partners, we have the power to control our capacity.
  • Unlike traditional insurance carriers who offer a finite amount of capacity based on their risk tolerance and bottom line, we can allocate our capacity based on the needs of the market.
  • Our robust and experienced team answers the needs of the market quickly by delivering solid coverage when and where it’s needed.

And we don’t stop there.

Simply delivering capacity for home and business owners isn’t enough. It’s not just about bringing you any product; it’s about bringing you the right product at the right price.

When we maintain a balanced spread of risk, we’re able to prevent volatile pricing changes reactive to market conditions. So you can rest assured that you’ll always have access to consistent, competitive products that offer the coverage and stable pricing you depend on.

You can confidently place business with SageSure because:

  • Our unique approach to a balanced portfolio gives you peace of mind that we’ll always be there for you and your customers, providing stable and consistent access to quality products.
  • We bring competitively priced products to the market, because we believe simply having access to a product isn’t enough.
  • Our ability to hand-pick highly rated carriers allows us to offer you the stability, confidence and continuous access to products you can depend on.
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"The Secret Sauce"

We know your time is valuable. It often feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you need to do to provide the best service to your customers.

While we can’t add hours to the day, we can do the next best thing: be a trusted partner who gives you the confidence and resources you need to focus on your business and your customers. You don’t have to spend time worrying whether or not we will be there when you and your customers need us the most. Rain or shine, we’re right by your side.

So, how can we make that unmatched claim? How are we able to be that irreplaceable partner you can’t find anywhere else, the one who helps you do your job easier and faster?

The answer is our “secret sauce.” When our founders realized a better, long-term solution was needed for the country’s most challenging markets, they also realized that the company needed to be built on a strong, unique blend of ingredients that give us the versatility and stability needed to meet your needs.

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SageSure has developed a very unique approach to providing home and business owners the coverage they need at an affordable price. Our extensive industry knowledge combined with our expert ability to interpret data enables us to continually lead in providing coverage in some of America’s most challenging markets.

Cong To
Chief Pricing Actuary

Ingredient 1:

Unmatched, Highly Specialized Knowledge Our SageSure team is led by experienced professionals with extensive backgrounds in product development, underwriting, sales, technology, and customer service. Many have worked in the insurance industry for more than 30 years. Our team possesses the highly specialized knowledge and skills necessary to deliver the first-class products and service you and your customers need and deserve.

Ingredient 2:

Stable, Multi-Carrier Platform Our unique multi-carrier platform creates a balanced, even spread of risk that prevents volatile product and pricing changes brought on by fluctuating market conditions. We partner with many insurance carriers and allocate capacity based on the needs of the market. Instead of the insurance carriers individually bearing the full brunt of the risk, it is spread throughout the group we gathered to ensure individual exposure to risk is minimal and manageable. This is why it’s not possible for a single catastrophic event to drive us from the market — protecting you and your clients against the worst.

Ingredient 3:

Proprietary Analytical Approach Like other insurance companies, SageSure uses an insurance score based on a proprietary statistical model that assigns value to a combination of factors, which can include prior claims, length of occupancy, condition of the risk, and prior insurance. This proprietary approach gives unique insight into the risk and the opportunity, so we can bring needed options to the market and keep pricing stable. At the end of the day, you can trust SageSure is by your side, striving to deliver unmatched value for your policyholders. Our extensive knowledge, unique multi-carrier platform and sophisticated analytical approach are what enables us to provide strong options, comprehensive coverage and competitive pricing for home and small business owners. We don’t just allow business in coastal states…we specialize in it!

Products that Win

In the last chapter, we explained how SageSure is your trusted partner, one that can help grow your business with our “secret sauce.” This combination of our expert knowledge, multi-carrier platform and analytical approach is why you can trust we will be there when you and your customers need us the most.

It’s also the reason we can bring you a diverse selection of exclusive products backed by carriers who are highly rated for their financial stability. As a team, we are committed to providing a diversified portfolio of options to meet the varying needs of your policyholders.

We understand that the needs of your customers change, that’s why on average we review our offering annually to ensure we are delivering products that will win for you in the market. We welcome feedback from you, our partners, to better understand the opportunities in your communities. We bring you the best product at the best price for your policyholders.

We leverage our knowledge and experience to deliver comprehensive and competitive property insurance solutions, striving to deliver the options your customers need at a competitive price. As an agent, you can be confident that our products are designed to meet the complex needs and expectations of your customers without risking our commitment to be there when needed most.

We work closely with our admitted and non-admitted carrier partners to anticipate any changes in market needs and expectations. Our collaboration is a key part of our modern approach to providing coverage in challenged markets, and it affords us the flexibility to quickly identify changes in the market and deliver options tailored to address the changing needs of agents and policyholders alike. We work with you to ensure these new options are available to your policyholders.

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Every American dream is unique. Protecting those dreams requires unique product offerings created by experts who understand your business and the specialized needs of the markets you service and the policyholders you support.

Whether your customer is a homeowner looking for the best coverage, a cost-conscious landlord looking for the best rate, or the owner of a hard-to-place small business along the coast, we have a competitively priced product to meet their needs.

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90% OF OUR PRODUCERS say they are satisfied or highly satisfied with our products

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86% OF OUR PRODUCERS say they would recommend us to others

When SageSure is your partner, you can be confident that we provide you with products that win.

  • We deliver a variety of options for your policyholders.
  • We tailor our offering to the changing needs of the market and homeowners.
  • We continuously review and improve our product pricing coverage.
  • We offer the best coverage at the best price.

As the industry and our company continue to evolve, we are constantly expanding and enhancing our product offering. Visit our Agent Portal for product documents and the most up-to-date list of products available in your area. You also can work directly with one of our SageSure Territory Sales Managers to learn how to win with SageSure.

We're Here for You

If our goal is to be your #1 choice to place your homeowners business, we know it’s not enough to simply deliver products that win. That’s why we’re committed to providing you and your customers exceptional service.

At SageSure, we’re united by core values of empathy, optimism and dedication. That means that we not only take the time to understand the problem we’re solving for you, but we’re happy to do it and won’t let you down. Our fast-growing, in-house customer service team does everything from address underwriting concerns to collect premium payments. Our team is trained to deliver the first-class service you’d expect from your most valuable partner.

Providing you with the prompt, pleasant and productive service you deserve is just one way we support you. Following are a few tools and resources that are designed to make doing business with SageSure easy AND rewarding… so that you can spend more time doing what you need to do to grow your business and feel good about doing that with us.

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"You can’t build a reputation on what you are going do."

Henry Ford

Agent Portal

Our proprietary Agent Portal is a user-friendly, all-in-one quoting, binding and document-storing platform for SageSure producers. It’s a single source for everything you need to quote, bind and manage policies, including all policy documents for a bound policy. The platform was built and is maintained by our in-house software team, which means no pain points from other off-the-shelf quoting systems. We release new functionality every week to make it easier for you to do business with us, such as:


  • SureQuote – Address verification powered by Google
  • Built-in Replacement Cost Estimator
  • “Tool tips” to elaborate where you might need additional information to answer
  • Live Chat support, meaning you can keep your fingers on the keyboard instead of reaching for the phone
  • Fast retrieval of loss history and insurance score information
  • Ability to immediately email an enrollment package upon binding
  • Policy management self-service capabilities that allow you to process endorsements and preview premium changes without making a phone call
  • Automatically see premiums for our multiple product options within the quote
  • Trackers that show the current status of inspections and claims

Territory sales managers: your dedicated experts

Our SageSure territory sales managers (TSMs) are committed to your success and provide you with the support you need to succeed with SageSure. As your primary point of contact, your TSM not only keeps you up-to-date on product changes and new product launches, but also provides you with the guidance you need to learn how you can win with SageSure. Whether you have a technical, quote, policy, claims or marketing-related question, your TSM will provide you with the support you need.

Click here to find your territory sales manager.

The SageSure PowerUp Program

Our incentive and rewards program for independent agents features the opportunity for meaningful quarterly payouts, annual bonuses, incentive trips, co-op marketing dollars and more. The more you work with us, the more you are able to earn, so it’s a great reason to keep your production “fully charged.” In the past 12 months, over 91% of producers have earned bonus payments.

The SageSure PowerUp Program offers Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Diamond Elite levels featuring various rewards, including:

  • First access to select new products, programs and features
  • Business growth seminars*
  • Support and funds for co-operative marketing efforts
  • Entry into special contests and promotions
  • Connection to the Policy Services Elite Access Line*
  • Recognition plaques for every location*
  • Annual incentive trips*

With SageSure as your partner, you have our full support behind your business — and your customers. From our team to our technology, we strive to make doing business with us easy.

*Rewards vary by level.

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In the past 12 months, over 91% of producers have earned bonus payments.

Helping You Shine

You already know that SageSure takes a lot of pride in providing you with excellent service, and it’s no different when it comes to your customers. After all, your customers are OUR customers, too. That’s reason enough for us to want to give them the best possible experience.

We also know that one of our most important jobs is to help you succeed — not just in growing your business, but in strengthening relationships with your existing policyholders. That’s why our Customer Care Team is committed to giving them every reason to believe that you have their very best interests in mind when you recommend SageSure as a company they can trust for their insurance.

In other words: we want you to shine in their eyes.

Our in-house team of experienced customer service representatives is dedicated to providing first-class customer care. Each and every member of our team is “all in” to service our customers’ policies.

As our businesses have grown together, so have our team and our facilities. Back in 2007, we opened our customer care center in Tallahassee, Florida with just two employees; today, we’ve grown into a 20,000-square-foot facility with space for up to 165 employees. Our team is available through online chat, email and telephone. They receive more than 200,000 inbound customer service calls a year and with each of those calls, our team members strive to meet our First Contact Resolution commitment. Simply put, that commitment means we pledge that your customer should only have to contact us once to get their issue resolved or question answered.

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We know that taking care of our customers when they have a claim is the most important thing we do. Our customer satisfaction team is 100% focused on working with our producers and our carriers through the claims process to ensure that we remain committed to doing the right thing by the customer, day after day.

Lou DiPaolo
Director, Claims Operations

Having a state-of-the-art, fully staffed customer care center is important … but we know that some customers want to self-serve online. We make online payments, account management and document access easy with our online customer portal. This saves many customers time, and in your case … maybe a phone call or two.

We continually strive to be the best partner for you. That’s why we’re always challenging ourselves and looking for additional ways we can better serve you and your customers. You can trust that we are always actively investigating new technology and offerings to determine how we can best add value to our relationship, as well as the customer experience. As new needs arise in the market, we stand committed and ready to meet them.

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81% OF CALLS ARE resolved upon first contact

We recently introduced our in-house Customer Satisfaction Team, which is focused specifically ensuring customer satisfaction in the claims process. While our trusted insurance carrier partners directly handle claims from first notice of loss all the way to payment, the Customer Satisfaction Team provides additional support to you and to the policyholder to ensure a prompt and satisfactory outcome.

By taking care of your customers, we are taking care of you. Our business is only as successful as the success we enable for our agents. That is why you can always count on us to do everything we can to help you prosper — and shine in our customers’ eyes.

Solving the Problems of Tomorrow

At SageSure, we are focused on providing the support you and your customers need today while keeping any eye on the potential problems of tomorrow.

This is an exciting time to be in residential property insurance. New technologies are disrupting every aspect of our industry; from how agents engage with carriers and insurance providers to how homeowners research and purchase coverage. Agents like you, who are constantly watching trends and changes in the market, are better able to anticipate and understand how the industry is changing. For you, the opportunities are limitless.

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Customer expectations are increasing significantly. This means we have to constantly raise the bar in terms of providing service to our producers and policyholders and giving them the kind of experience they demand.

Terrence McLean
Chief Executive Officer

Technology and increasing levels of connectivity are transforming our everyday lives, from how we shop and buy groceries to how we monitor our health and interact with friends. There is no better example of this than the online retail experience and the concept of “same-day delivery.” Just a few short years ago, most never knew this could be a possibility, now it is a customer demand.

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94% OF AGENTS indicate that they will grow with SageSure

We pride ourselves on proactively anticipating and answering the needs of the market and our producers and customers; often before their needs are even realized or evident. There are numerous examples of the energy we put behind looking ahead:

  • Our producers in Texas needed additional capacity. To help ensure they always have a highly rated solution, we brought a new carrier to the market, SURE.
  • With our South Carolina SafePort HO-3, we updated our forms to eliminate uncertainty, making it easier for producers to write more.
  • We are continually introducing competitive products for our independent agents.
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45 significant software and feature improvements so far this year; We are focused on the ease of doing business with SageSure

Our focus on staying ahead of industry, producer and customer needs drives our innovation.

  • We continually expand and enhance our proprietary quoting platform and in-house software and development team.
  • We are always exploring and incorporating new technologies, such as our SureQuote and Copy Quote solutions that are designed to make it easier/faster/better for you to quote and customers to buy.
  • Our CEO is an industry pioneer who leads SageSure with a tech-focused strategy.

As we continue to expand our digital offerings to give homeowners a more flexible, personalized experience, we are also designing technology and services that will help you maintain your role as your customers’ trusted expert within this experience. We are also looking at new ways to collect and utilize data to help you make more informed decisions on your business and your customers’ needs.

To succeed today and into the future, it’s essential you have a partner you trust. We value the trust you have put in us. Thank you for your continued confidence in SageSure as we work with you to capture the future together.